Anafi with ROS or Olympe?

Hey guys,

I have an anafi parrot drone and I want to use it for automatic flight (with obstacles avoiding) with gps and computer vision. Which way is the most robust and elegant to develop it with the drone? I have been testing some samples with Olympe but I am not sure if it is the best way for a project.

Thanks in advance!

I’m using gazebo+ros+sphinx with opencv to work on my project pretty similar to yours.
I capture the fpv of anafi with rstp:anafi.local/live do you have any other idea to get the fpv of the drone ?

You can get the fpv via Pdraw. I´m interested on your results. Can you share with us any of your works?


Hi MatthieuLakma,

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Where do you find documentation to use ros with the anafi parrot? I want to implement a nvidia jetson nano for the fpv but no on the drone because of its weight. What do you think?

If I recap what I did:
I turn on the anafi drone and connect the skycontroller in usb to the pc (ubuntu 18.04) on the pc I get the live video with ffmpeg : $ ffplay rtsp:// (if you want to do your tests in simulation I advise you to use $ rtsp:anafi.local/live)
ffplay opens a window that I get on OBS (with the rtsp extension : OBS-RTSPServer | OBS Forums)
I get the rtsp stream from obs with ros using : video_stream_opencv - ROS Wiki I can then from ros use image processing programs that subscribe to the mentioned node. Personally I apply ARUCO positioning algorithms (that I integrated under ros-gazebo)… this is one of the image processing projects I did with ground sdk

Hi jridbet.

I tried Jetson Nano with Olympe. Otherwise, i cant install it cause Jetson has ARM cortex, and Olympe is only for AMD. Just tell me if you try it and make it works.


Hi DaniAlvarez,

I will try it out and let you know if it works. I just want to know if Olympe is the only option for programming the anafi parrot. If there are other options which are?