Announcement: Air SDK 7.7.2 and Olympe 7.7.3 minor update releases

We are pleased to announce a minor update of the Parrot Drones SDK, containing the following items:

  • Air SDK 7.7.2
  • Olympe 7.7.3 (available on pypi and github)

Note: The version only contains the previous elements. There are no firmware versions for ANAFI Ai, Skycontroller or FreeFlight.

The full documentation is available on the Parrot for Developers website.

Release notes:

  • Air SDK

    • [airsdk-cli] Python packages can be imported into mission.yaml
    • [airsdk-cli] New API v3. Older versions of the API are still compatible.
    • [airsdk-cli] The --simulator option is deprecated. Instead, there is a Target section in the mission.yaml file. airsdk-cli build the mission for all targets present in the Target section and installs the mission in the correct target automatically (if the target is connected).
  • Air SDK Missions

  • Olympe

    • Add arsdk controller classes
    • Add pdraw hud renderer

:exclamation:IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an older version of airsdk-cli (=< 7.7.1) installed, please uninstall the parrot-airsdk-base and parrot-airsdk-cli packages before proceeding with a new installation of airsdk-cli like this one to avoid any conflict:

$ sudo apt remove parrot-airsdk-base parrot-airsdk-cli
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install parrot-airsdk-cli

Best regards,
The Parrot Drones SDK team