Announcement: Parrot Drones SDK 7.6 pre-release

We are pleased to announce a pre-release of version 7.6 of the Parrot Drones SDK, containing the following items:

Please note that downgrading firmware versions is not supported on ANAFI Ai and SkyController4. Once you update to version 7.6.0-rc1 you can only update later to the final 7.6 or more recent versions. If you are unsure about this, we suggest using the Sphinx simulator for developments with the SDK pre-release.

The full official 7.6 version of the SDK is to be released end of April 2023 along with the ANAFI Ai, SkyController4 and FreeFlight7 7.6 versions.

Release notes:

  • Flight behavior

    • Point Of Interest framing enhancement
    • Point Of Interest trajectory reworked to perform a circular orbit around the target both with and without obstacle avoidance
    • Geofence set by default at 120 m
  • Media

    • [Streaming] Improved the handling of network congestion with less added latency
    • [Streaming] Smoother display on players (FF7/GroundSDK, SkyController/HDMI)
    • [Flight Plan] Improved media management during flight plans
  • Connectivity

    • [WiFi] The drone can be configured as a WiFi station instead of access point through SDK commands (not yet available in version 7.6.0-rc1)
    • [WiFi] UNII 5GHz bandwidth is now available in Europe
  • Air SDK

    • [System] Reading and writing on the SD card storage now supported
    • [Video] New fcam_airsdk video IPC, replacing the fcam_tracking video IPC, available both in video and photo modes; this video IPC supports the configure API for resolutions up to 1080p/UXGA
    • [Streaming] New front camera RTSP resource front-airsdk independent of the front resource
    • [Guidance] Add the possibility to pass a shared ModeGroup object between modes of a plugin
    • [Guidance] Add a template configuration structure per mode to read a configuration file for a mode
    • [airsdk-cli] support building missions for 7.6+ firmware
  • Air SDK Missions

    • [Default mission] Default UID updated to com.parrot.missions.default
    • [Vehicle mission] UI display vehicle horizontal speed
    • [Vehicle mission] orientate front stereo camera to detect vehicle / landing zone
  • Ground SDK

    • [Camera2] removed photo capture/video recording startTime after deprecation period
    • [Raw video sink] fixed default frame queue size (2)
    • Report Microhard connection details & chip model
    • New Point’n’fly interface
  • OpenFlight

    • [Update] Battery gauge update
    • [Database] New data model
    • [Map] New autoscroll implementation to follow the drone on the map
    • [Dashboard] Add a new pictogram to indicate private mode
    • [Streaming] Add a pictogram to show home location in the streaming view
    • [HMI] Add a cross at the center of the grid
  • Olympe

    • 4G pairing and connectivity support using SkyController4

Known issues
The 7.6.0-rc1 version of the drone firmware cannot record HDR10 videos in 4k 30fps. This will be fixed in a later version.

Best regards,
The Parrot Drones SDK team

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(opening post edited to add OpenFlight 7.6.0-rc1)