Announcement: Parrot Drones SDK 7.6

Synchronized with the 7.6 update of FreeFlight7, ANAFI Ai firmware and SkyController 4 firmware, we are pleased to announce the release of version 7.6 of the Parrot Drones SDK, containing the following items:

  • AirSDK
  • GroundSDK for iOS and Android
  • GroundSDK Tools for Linux
  • OpenFlight for iOS
  • Olympe

The full documentation is available on the Parrot for Developers website.

Release notes:

  • Flight behavior

    • Point Of Interest framing enhancement
    • Point Of Interest trajectory reworked to perform a circular orbit around the target both with and without obstacle avoidance
    • Geofence set by default at 120 m
  • Media

    • [Streaming] Improved the handling of network congestion with less added latency
    • [Streaming] Smoother display on players (FF7/GroundSDK, SkyController/HDMI)
    • [Flight Plan] Improved media management during flight plans
  • Connectivity

    • [WiFi] UNII-1 5GHz band is now available in Europe
  • Air SDK

    • [System] Reading and writing on the SD card storage now supported
    • [Video] New fcam_airsdk video IPC, replacing the fcam_tracking video IPC, available both in video and photo modes; this video IPC supports the configure API for resolutions up to 1080p/UXGA
    • [Streaming] New front camera RTSP resource front-airsdk independent of the front resource
    • [Guidance] Add the possibility to pass a shared ModeGroup object between modes of a plugin
    • [Guidance] Add a template configuration structure per mode to read a configuration file for a mode
    • [airsdk-cli] support building missions for 7.6+ firmware
  • Air SDK Missions

    • [Default mission] Default UID updated to com.parrot.missions.default
    • [Vehicle mission] UI display vehicle horizontal speed
    • [Vehicle mission] orientate front stereo camera to detect vehicle / landing zone
  • Ground SDK

    • [Camera2] removed photo capture/video recording startTime after deprecation period
    • [Raw video sink] fixed default frame queue size (2)
    • Report Microhard connection details & chip model
    • New Point’n’fly interface
  • OpenFlight

    • [Update] Battery gauge update
    • [Database] New data model
    • [Map] New autoscroll implementation to follow the drone on the map
    • [Dashboard] Add a new pictogram to indicate private mode
    • [Streaming] Add a pictogram to show home location in the streaming view
    • [HMI] Add a cross at the center of the grid
  • Olympe

    • 4G pairing and connectivity support using SkyController4
  • GroundSDK Tools

    • This release mostly contains bug fixes, and adds compatibility with 7.6.x drone and remote firmware

Best regards,
The Parrot Drones SDK team