Announcement: Parrot Drones SDK 7.7 pre-release

We are pleased to announce a pre-release of version 7.7 of the Parrot Drones SDK, containing the following items:

Please note that downgrading firmware versions is not supported on ANAFI Ai and SkyController4. Once you update to version 7.7.0-rc1 you can only update later to the final 7.7 or more recent versions. If you are unsure about this, we suggest using the Sphinx simulator for developments with the SDK pre-release.

The full official 7.7 version of the SDK is to be released end of June 2023 along with the ANAFI Ai, SkyController4 and FreeFlight7 7.7 versions.

Release notes:

  • Flight behavior

    • Geofence set by default at 120m when not connected to FF7
  • Connectivity

    • [WiFi] The drone can be configured as a WiFi station instead of access point through SDK commands
  • Air SDK

    • Added the libairsdk library to allow C/C++ missions to act as an SDK client within the drone
  • Ground SDK

    • [WiFi] Added the new WiFi station API
  • OpenFlight

    • [Map] Geoawareness available: flight zone regulation can be displayed on the map
    • [Calibration] Handlaunch available for Obstacle Avoidance calibration mission
  • Olympe

    • Expectations: “wait” and “check_wait” policy now also try to match on the updated state
    • Connection: send protobuf features Command.GetState on connection

Best regards,
The Parrot Drones SDK team

(opening post edited to add OpenFlight 7.7.0-rc1)