Announcement: Parrot Sphinx 2.14.1

Parrot Sphinx 2.14.1 is now available!

Here are the main improvements of this version.

  • [ExprTk] new functions added inside_area() and outside_area(). They make all ExprTk expressions sensitive to where the drone is located in the scene.
  • [wind] the wind settings are shared in between world settings (for the mean component) and drone settings (for the dynamic component)
  • [AMS] vehicles have collisions that encompass the whole shape
  • [camera] shot noise: use ExprTk expression to define the intensity
  • [camera] added fully customizable lens shader effect
  • [camera] can generate frames encoded in NV12
  • [HMI] ability to see the “areas” in the user cameras by the means of the JSON-RPC command show_area.
  • [lights] indoor preset added
  • [doc] all possible values that a JSON-RPC parameter can take are listed in the present documentation.
  • [system] compatibility with kernel 6.x
  • [pysphinx] new API get_encountered_objects to check for obstacles between two points of the space.
  • [world] factory: improved realism thanks to some changes on the lights (and the use of the “indoor” preset).
  • [aerodynamics] expose motor speeds in ExprTk expressions
  • [propulsion] better handling of the errors that can be triggered by the user
  • [collisions] handling of collisions has been improved.

For more details, take a look at the user guide here: What is Parrot Sphinx - 2.14.1

The Parrot Sphinx team