Announcement: Parrot Sphinx 2.15.1

Parrot Sphinx 2.15.1 is now available!

Here are the main improvements of this version.

  • [worlds] planet: new world to fly all over the Earth. See Planet.
  • [worlds] new world added: ‘office’ (two levels in an office building)
  • [worlds] add areas in worlds factory and carla/town10
  • [areas] ExprTk expressions can react to the drone being inside/outside given area(s). See Areas.
  • [areas] ability to create custom areas in the scene
  • [lights] fix issue in lights generation
  • [motors] cut motor when its blades hit an obstacle (working for all supported drones)

For more details, take a look at the user guide here: What is Parrot Sphinx - 2.15.1

The Parrot Sphinx team