ARDroneSDK3 for Anafi

I can’t find any info on support of ARDroneSDK3 for the Anafi drone.

Will it ever be supported?
Did anyone try if it works anyway?
Is there an alternative for the Anafi?

Thank you.


The Olympe API supports the Anafi drone. I don’t think the ARDroneSDK3 supports Anafi, but I am not sure.


Sorry but the ARDroneSDK3 does not (and will not) support Anafi.

Depending on your target platform, your SDK options for the Anafi are :

  • GroundSDK Mobile - for iOS (Swift) and Android (Java)
  • Olympe - for Linux/Ubuntu/Debian (Python)

If you really need a C or a C++ API on Linux you can always :

  • use Olympe through a C/Python binding of your own
  • use libarsdk and libarsdkctrl and libpdraw the low level C API on top of which the higher level SDKs are built (GroundSDK mobile and Olympe)



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