Are the values stored in the "hfov" and "vfov" keys in radians?

I’m considering extracting the necessary metadata from videos captured with AnafiAI. I’m using the GroundSDK tool to create a .json file containing the metadata and examining the stored values.

So, just to confirm, are the values stored in the “hfov” and “vfov” keys in radians?

[Extracted values]

Based on the provided documentation (Embedded Video Metadata - 7.6), it seems that the unit for FOV values is indeed in degrees. However, if the values are stored in radians, it would align with the specifications. Can you please clarify the unit of measurement for the FOV values in the AnafiAI videos?

Thank you.


Degrees were used in the old format (for the Anafi 4K / Thermal / USA range). For Anafi Ai the new protobuf format is used and the unit is radians.

Thank you for your reply ,Mr.Akaaba.
I was able to resolve it with your answer. (I overlooked the reference page)

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