Aspect ratio problem with streamed sphinx video in camera mode

I have prepared two videos to show the problem. While with a real drone the aspect ratio of the incoming streamed video is always correct, independent of whether camera mode or video mode is chosen, it is not with the Sphinx. In camera mode, even though the video reports to be 1024x768, it is seemingly not, since the aspect ratio is not correct. I suppose it is still 1280x720, because I can work with it perfectly if I downscale to 640x360 instead of 512x384. Also the aspect ratio is correct then.

OK video with real drone:

Problematic video with Sphinx:


Sphinx comes with some limitations and one of them is that camera resolutions do not change:

  • front streaming and recording streams are always 1280x720
  • photo streams are 4000x3000 by default, and 8000x6000 if photo_high_res=1

Thanks for confirmation

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