Bebob2 camera calibration parameters


does bebop2 camera in sphinx simulator has a specific parameters? from where I should obtain these?


The camera parameters you can change can be seen on this page:

  • with_front_cam: if false, remove the frontal camera to lower the ressource needs
  • low_gpu: if true, reduce camera rendering quality to speed up GPU processing


Dear @ocrave
I’m sorry that my question wasn’t clear. It means how I can obtain camera calibration parameters?


You can get some info with the gz model -i command followed by the name of the drone. For example:
gz model -i -m bebop2
Then, search for horizontal_camera and vertical_camera sensors in the output.


Thank you,
And another question. I run the simulation in empty world , after adding some new model and save this changes, I want to open the sphinx in this world. how I can do that? when I try to run sphinx with address of my world, the bebop model is saved in the world and after opening it, an other bebop model appears on top of the loaded bebop.


You should remove the drone from the world before saving it. Then, if you launch:

sphinx /path/to/

It should contain a single version of your drone.

If you want to use this world with another drone, you should edit it and remove the fwman plugin:

<plugin name='fwman'

Then, you can launch sphinx with another drone like so:

sphinx /path/to/ /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/disco.drone

We recommend to always remove the fwman plugin from your world files and choose the drones by command line.