Bebop 2 Power Network not showing up on FreeFlight Pro


I’ve been trying to run bebop2 power on sphinx by typing in the following commands:

  1. sudo systemctl start firmwared.service
  2. sphinx /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/bebop2.drone::stolen_interface=eth0::with_front_cam=false

Both steps run without any errors or warnings. I get the following messages:

[Msg] Drone bebop2[e50b826e8ee4510419e4698eb25a63d043e05180] loaded
[Msg] WEB DASHBOARD IS ACCESSIBLE at http://localhost:9002
[Msg] Instance garrulous_bellatrix[e50b826e8ee4510419e4698eb25a63d043e05180] started
[Msg] All drones instantiated

However, when I turn on the FreeFlight Pro app, I can’t seem to find the generated network… Probably because it isn’t generating one, but since there are no errors, I can’t understand what could possibly be wrong.


The stolen_interface parameter is incorrect. It should look like this:
where wlan0 must be replaced by the correct name of your wifi interface (that can be obtained with iwconfig).

When I type “iwconfig” I get this:


That’s why I put “eth0”. Am I missing something?

Then the command line should be:
sphinx /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/bebop2.drone::stolen_interface= "eth0:eth0:"::with_front_cam=false


It’s working!

Thank you so much :grinning: