Bebop 2 Software update taking too long

I managed to run Free Flight Pro app to control Bebop 2 on Sphinx. However, I still can’t obtain the live feed from the drone. I am also trying to update the Bebop 2 software after connecting to the drone in Sphinx but the process is taking too long. Any tips on both the problem??

Have you tried running sphinx with th -V option? It is mandatory to get live streaming. If you have a low-end GPU, you may also want to try running sphinx with the drone option low_gpu=true. Example:

sphinx -V /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/bebop2.drone::low_gpu=true

As for your second problem concerning the firmware update: it won’t work. The update that comes with Free Flight Pro is meant for the embedded firmware of a real drone. After the simulated drone has downloaded the update file, it might try to reboot fruitlessly. Even IF it’d manage to reboot, the embedded firmware won’t run on x64 :wink:

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Yup I did, but after running that command I cannot even connect to the drone and it keeps returning the message “[] Failed to write on socket 73”

Thanks for the explanation!

That’s weird. Can you try the following commands?

fdc drop_all instances
fdc drop_all firmwares
rm /dev/shm/shd_*

Stop firmwared:
sudo systemctl stop firmwared.service

Delete download firmwares:
sudo rm /usr/share/firmwared/firmwares/*

Restart firmwared:
sudo systemctl start firmwared.service

Relaunch sphinx:
sphinx -V /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/bebop2.drone::low_gpu=true

That did not work as well, the same error messages is returned

After launching sphinx, can you give us the output of this command:

fdc show instances $(fdc list instances | sed 's@\[\w*\]@@g')

I am wondering whether the path to your instance (its base_workspace property) could be too long.

Here you go

name: risible_lyndi
sha1: b150fdef75a5a03e4fb6d8527f6d5fb6d6bec6d9
base_workspace: /var/cache/firmwared/mount_points//instances/b150fdef75a5a03e4fb6d8527f6d5fb6d6bec6d9
id: 0
pid: 6464
state: started
firmware_path: /usr/share/firmwared/firmwares//ardrone3-milos_pc.ext2.ac06e4ff-41ff-760c-2582-1562a1f914bd.firmware
root: /var/cache/firmwared/mount_points//instances/b150fdef75a5a03e4fb6d8527f6d5fb6d6bec6d9/union
fs_size: unlimited
inner_pts: /dev/pts/21
outer_pts: /dev/pts/20
time: Wed Oct 4 15:57:59 2017
interface: eth1
stolen_interface: wlan0:eth0:
cmdline: /sbin/boxinit ro.boot.console=/pts/21 ro.hardware=milosboard ro.debuggable=0 ro.debug_ipaddr= ro.simulator.kernel.version=4.10.0-35-generic ro.simulator.gpu.hardware=Intel_Corporation ro.simulator.gpu.driver=driver=i915_latency=0
owner: yishern-desktop6221

We were able to reproduce your issue and the problem is that your GPU cannot be used to simulate the front camera because sphinx requires a high-end GPU to perform multiple renderings and reconstruct fisheye images. I would suggest launching sphinx with the -V option (to still activate the vertical camera) and disabling the front camera like so:

sphinx -V /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/bebop2.drone::with_front_cam=false

I tried disabling the front_cam and enabling the vertical camera and its still not working, I guess the GPU capability just isn’t enough then :slight_smile:

May I ask if I can still obtain the video stream data (I suppose h264) from the camera of the simulated drones in Sphinx?

No, you can’t get the video stream data if your GPU can’t perform the rendering in the first place.