Bebop2 Video Live Stream

Hello, I am trying to get a video live stream (preferably frame wise - but that’d only be a plus) to work via Olympe. Now I can control my Bebop without any issues, but for some reason calling the following function:
set_streaming_callbacks(h264_data_cb=‘last_frame’, h264_meta_cb=‘meta_cb’, raw_data_cb=‘raw_data_cb’, raw_meta_cb=‘raw_meta_cb’)

does not give me any data files. I’m not sure if it’s just because I don’t specify the file format (which one would it be?) or what exactly the issue is, but I’d be grateful for any help!

Here’s the full python file: import olympefrom olympe.messages.ardrone3.Piloting import TakeOffdrone = -

Thank you very much already!

Hello Hollyqui,

The video streaming in Olympe is currently broken and we are currently working on a fix.
For more information: Getting video stream to Olympe (Python)



Hey Nicolas,

You might want to look into “pyparrot”, they found a way to make the stream work (quite easily actually). Fortunately enough I have a functioning one now due to that, so maybe this helps!