Build an application that use C++ class for Parrot Sphinx

Hi, is there a way to build an application that use C++ class for Parrot Sphinx ?
It always says “The game module ‘’ could not be found. Please ensure that this module exists and that it is compiled.”.

All the code is working and build with Rider.

The fact is when I want to build the exact same project without C++ classes, it works.

Can you tell me what to do to build the project with C++ classes ?

Thank you for your time,



Sorry for the late reply.
The Parrot-customized UE Editor goal is to let users create their own 3D environment. It is not meant to create an Unreal project that contains its own Game objects.

In particular, the Sphinx plugin overrides:

  • the GameMode
  • the DefaultPawn class
  • the HUD class

It does not override:

  • the PlayerController class
  • the GameState class
  • the PlayerState class

Does the message that you get (“The game module…”) appear when you execute parrot-ue-build-app?


Yes, this message appears when I try to build with parrot-ue-build-app.

Thank you for the response,


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