Bypass internal GNSS data


We are trying to use an ANAFI USA drone in an environment where we may not have any GNSS signal available. In order to do that we’d like to feed the drone with an external source of GNSS data (that source could for instance be a position estimator enabled once we lose signal).

Is there any way we can send GNSS data to the drone and thus bypassing its internal sensor? Maybe using MAVLink messages? I understand this drone is compatible with the protocol.
I have taken a look at some MAVLink messages (this protocol being new to me) that I feel like fit this description, like GLOBAL_POSITION_INT or HIL_GPS.

I have also learned the Olympe SDK enables users to send a few MAVLink messages, but it seems like we may only handle flight plans and not positions (Common.Mavlink* - Olympe 0.0 documentation).

The ultimate goal is to be able to program a flight plan into the drone, and executing it without any “real” GNSS signal once the drone lifts off (only the one we then estimate through software).

Thanks in advance for any help!

This is not possible

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