Calling guidance from service

Is it possible to call a guidance directly from a service ?
ie : have a service that can send move commands ?

So I’m using the move service to do it.
I get this error :

root (fsup-352) : transition denied: hovering to flying.rth.gotofix

Are the only required steps :

  • building the service with airsdk build
  • install on virtual drone
  • run take_off ?


Hi @jon,

Yes, this is the correct way to build and install the move mission. For the install command, don’t forget the –default option:

$ airsdk install --default

Can you provide your messages log ? We need more details to investigate this error.


Ah, I’m doing:
airsdk install --ip
because i’m installing it on an instance I’m creating through Sphinx.
Otherwise I get an unknown value for anafi-ai.local as if the global variable was not instanciated.

To install on the simulator use:
airsdk install --default --simulator
it shouldn’t be necessary to specify the IP

Thanks @_fisian for being an active user of this forum, and thanks for your reply, but the ‘–simulator’ command is obsolete. With the latest version of airsdk-cli, you need to specify the target in the mission.yaml file and the ‘build’ and ‘install’ commands build all the specified versions and automatically install the mission on the simulator or physical drone. Please, take a look to our documentation. I invite you to update airsdk-cli.

Like said @_fisian, it shouldn’t be necessary to specify the IP. I invite you to update airsdk-cli and sphinx.

anafi-ai.local is not a global variable but the address of the Anafi Ai. This address is available once the simulator has been started or the computer has been connected to a physical drone.


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