Can Ground SDK write a flight plan to FreeFlight6's folder?


I’m developing my app with Ground SDK, and I want to use FreeFlight6 after uploading flight plan file to Anafi by my app. (I want to use my app’s flight plan editor.)

But, FreeFlight6 don’t display my flight plan. Therefore, I consider if my app can writes a flight plan to FreeFlight6’s folder, I can upload and display the flight plan using FreeFlight6. So, I have a question of the title.


Conditions needed to get Flight Plan to be displayed in FF6:
. get correct savedPlan.json header (have a look to Flight Plan created with FF6)
. set “uuid” and “title” with the same name than directory name
. set “dirty” to “true” → then FF6 will rebuild screenshot.png and you’ll be able to save it
. file should be without error…
Hope that helps!


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Is there any documentation for the savedPlan.json header or other JSON fields? Through trial and error I determined several unintuitive things: FF6 uses a strange convention for yaw, degrees counter-clockwise from N. Degrees clockwise from N is the more common convention for maps and every compass I’ve ever used.

The JSON Tilt action uses change in tilt for the “angle” parameter not absolute tilt, but FF6 displays absolute tilt in the GUI timeline. Change in tilt is 0 by default after the Anafi loads, +90 degrees is zenith and -90 degrees is nadir, which is an okay convention, but the GUI timeline displays the absolute tilt after summing all previous tilt actions. It’s confusing to see different values in the JSON file. I was really happy when I eventually got the Tilt action to work correctly.

Lastyaw vs yaw is very confusing. I think lastyaw is somehow related to having a POI in the flight plan, but then again it might be that if “continue” is true for a waypoint then the drone uses a progressive rotation to the next waypoint. I gave up on figuring out lastyaw, as it seems to be equal to yaw for every flight plan I made anyway. I resorted to watching random youtube videos to figure out progressive rotations in the flight plan, which means the documentation could be improved.

The Anafi specs say that the maximum speed is 15 m/s, but FF6 will only let you set a waypoint traversal speed of 11 m/s, and then when flying it only reached 10 m/s. I couldn’t figure out how to change the maximum tilt angle in FF6 so that the drone would go faster, but 10 m/s is pretty decent speed for my task anyway.

The JSON format parser in FF6 is picky about arrays vs objects. json.plan.takeoff must be an array of objects not a single JSON object if you have a single takeoff action (ie the default of VideoStartCapture). VideoStartCapture’s resolution field has some random integer (2073600) that makes no sense to me and isn’t adjustable in FF6, but the default is 4K UHD which is good enough for me. I was hoping that it was equal to the enum, but it isn’t, so I have no clue how to set HDR on/off (for example).

The Anafi manual says “Each Flight Plan is programmed using waypoints. The altitude and camera axis of each waypoint is customizable”, which is certainly true, but it would really be a more useful manual if any of the above constraints were explained or documented.


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