Can simulated drone detect objects?

I’m trying to start a project for a drone to detect objects so that it can avoid them when flying.
My question is, are simulated drones(sphinx) able to detect objects using cameras?

ps. I’m trying to access to the front cameras, but they don’t seem to work even though I set them “true” on .drone file. That’s why i’m asking this question

Simulated drones do not provide any information such as near obstacles or depth map.

To run the front camera, you need a GPU card powerful enough, Nvidia being strongly recommended.
If you simulate Anafi, make sure the option “simple_front_cam=true” is set.

Thanks for the reply.
Does the camera show up when gazebo is run?
i set with_front_cam=“true”
but i don’t see anything like a camera vision.
I ran anafi4k.drone, bebop.drone, bebop2.drone
Should it be some other drones?