Can you connect a Ground SDK app to Sphinx without WiFi access point?

Do you have to set up a WiFi access point via the Anafi drone or external WiFi adapter? Or, can the connection be made over a local IP network since the Sphinx simulator is running on a computer connected to it?

If a WiFi access point is needed, my question is why do you require a WiFi access point when the computer is already connected to the network and reachable by other devices including the Ground SDK app.

If setting up a WiFi access point is not needed, my question is how to configure Sphinx to use the existing local network interface?

Hi @djankov,

Both solution are possible. By default, the simulator tries to make the wifi device to set up its own wifi access point in order to reproduce the behavior of a real drone. But you can also made a remote connection with an other computer in the same network with the option --port-forwarding=<controller_ip>. Take a look at this section of the Sphinx documentation.


(important note: the remote connection only works with olympe and qdronectrl)

I was able to connect qdronectrl and olympe over the local network by specifying the IP address to forward to.

I was looking more for a solution to do that for Ground SDK Android, and I could not find one. So, I had to install a WiFi USB adapter and connect the Android SDK through that.

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