Cannot connect my linux to my drone wifi

Hey I am trying to connect my machine to the drone wifi to deploy the code on the drone. I got the code to work on the simulator already but when i try to connect to my physical drone’s wifi network my machine does not connect to it. I can see the drone wifi network but my machine fails to connect. Can someone explain to me what i am doing wrong please.

I don’t know if ANAFI and ANAFI AI work the same, that can maybe help you:

Hey i was able to connect to the wifi through this method but when i try to run the olympe code i keep getting this error.

olympe.drone _do_connect - ‘’ connection retries failed. I am able to see it through the webserver but i cannot run the olympe code on it.

Ah yes, i think that’s the timeout is too short. Up timeout and i think that will work (or up the number of retry)

Do you mind telling me how to do that please :slight_smile:
I am using the basic startup code.

import olympe
import os

DRONE_IP = os.environ.get("DRONE_IP", "")

def test_physical_drone():
    drone = olympe.Drone(DRONE_IP)

if __name__ == "__main__":

Hmm I think i was wrong, increase timeout / retry was ok for me because i use the script that install mission and re connect to the drone. When the drone has finish to install the mission, he reboot and the wifi too. Waiting more time can be usefull in this case because the wifi take more time than the drone to reboot completly… In your case I don’t know :frowning:

Have you ever successfully got Olympe to work on the real drone? I got it code to work but only in the simulator for Sphnix.

Yes I can connect to the drone

Is your drone a anafi or anafi ai? trying to understand why i alone having this issue lol.

I got an anafi ai

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