Cannot start Anafi in Sphinx due to version 1.6.5 not available

I want to fly Anafi in Sphinx from my mobile phone with app Freeflight 6. However, Freeflight demands that I upgrade the drone to 1.6.5 but that version is not available yet in Sphinx.
Can you fix?

Same, Can you help us with the issue? @ndessart @ocrave? Thank you!


It seems to be a regression in the FreeFlight 6 app.
We’re currently investigating this issue.
Thanks for reporting this.


First of all thanks for being so active and prompt on the forum.

So i have successfully started, a sphinx anafi simulation, but as soon as i connect it with my Free Flight 6 app, it says that the drone firmware needs to be updated, but nothing happens, can you suggest me something please!

Thank you!


I’ve just merged your post here since this is the same issue.
As I said, we’re currently investigating this issue.


same problem here… Is there a way to downgrade the app temporarily?

in case somebody is interested, I found a workaround. When starting the drone in sphinx via olympe takeoff command, then disconnecting the pc and connecting the mobile phone via wifi, it is possible to fly in sphinx, even with the old firmware.

Problem solved as of this morning for me with sphinx anafi fw version 1.6.7.

Thank you!