Can't Install Vehicle Mission on Simulated Anafi


I’m trying to test vehicle tracking inside Sphinx simulation. I used my real Anafi AI so Sphinx can find it using hil_ip adress. I edited anafi_ai.drone to enable tracking_hil. I don’t have any issues when I launch Sphinx, and can see param with_tracking_hil = 1.

Unfortunately, I can’t see Vehicle Mission in FreeFlight7, and I can see on Firmware update that no Missions are installed on my emulated anafi_ai. If I try to install it, I got a server error as you can see in the screenshot.

Any ideas ?



with_tracking_hil and with_depth_hil options require a firmware version that is not available for download. You can’t activate these features.

Hi @ocrave,

I saw in the doc that I could use drone chipset to detect class objects and track targets (Configuration at launch time - 2.7). Can you confirm that tracking is not available at all in Sphinx Simulator ?

Hardware-in-the-loop features are not available. But, as I said here, you can simulate a deteriorated version of the tracking feature by starting selkie.

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