Changing / Resetting Anafi WiFi password

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I am not 100% sure this inquiry should be here, but anyways: I am unable to connect to my real-life Anafi drone’s WiFi, because the password is badly-written in the WiFi tag:

The thing is, is that kind of circle after AYUS an “O”? Is it a “0”? I tried both and none worked :sob:.

What should I do? Is there any way to reset or discover the WiFi password? If not, do I entirely rely on a piece of paper?

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Try @ , or Scan the QR code :slight_smile:

That’s kind of tricky (maybe because the QR layout isn’t the usual one) in an iPhone. What app are you using to scan it?

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Hey @Jerome,

Definitely it was an @. Thank you! Just a suggestion for next codes, if the whole code is alphanumeric and the character can get dirty, maybe it’s better to maintain the “alphanumeric” style :joy::joy:.



  1. Power ANAFI on.
  2. Press the power button and keep it pressed: after approximately 8 seconds, the battery’s LEDs turn on red, one after the other.
  3. When the 4 LEDs are red, release the power button.
  4. ANAFI reboots - a TXT file has been generated on ANAFI’s microSD card, which contains ANAFI’s Wi-Fi network’s password; that’s how you can check the hard reset has been successful.
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Side note - it will NOT reset with my 64GB card. I had to install any 16GB card i had laying around.

Now, it can be used a USB-C cable to make a direct connection with your Anafi and SKC3 unit! (of course, you must sure your bird’s firmware in latest version!!!)

The procedure:
(1) power on the Anafi and SKC3.
(2) plug the USB-C cable to Anafi’s battery port and other plug to the SKC3’s USB-A port.
(3) After step (2) done, you will see the battery’s indicator in scanning and SKC3 's LED will flashing
with RED to Green and finally in Blue consistently.
(4) Then remove the USB-C cable and reconnect with your mobile as normally. DONE!!!

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