Charge Battery while Anafi is turned on

Hello all,

in our project we have a setup where the drone is automatically and autonomous charged after landing. In order to realise this, the two power contacts of the USB-C Port on the battery are connected to contacts on the drone’s feet. The drone lands on two aluminum plates, which are powered with 5V by a Mean Well MDR-60-5 power supply (MDR-60-MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply Manufacturer). The drone usually stays powered on while charging.
So far, all tests were successful, the drone charges without any apparent issues. However, I am wondering if there are any negative long-term effects on electronics and, of course, battery life. Are there any known problems with industrial power supplies not especially built for charging and are there any foreseeable issues when the drone stays powered on during charging?


Hello Mindur.

I’m interested in your results. Can you tell us some more info about that?
Is your power supply giving 2-3A?
How much time does it take to do a full charge?
Any issue about charging them while the drone is power on?


Hey, sorry for the late reply.

Basically a 5V/2A supply is sufficient and I didn’t observe any “major” issues.
Once the Drone reaches 100% charging it stops the charging process as far as I’ve been able to observe.
However the Android GroundSdk BatteryInfo of the drone does not provide any information whether the drone is charging or not, even though the BatteryInfo class contains the flag “isCharging”.


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