Connect over API while also using ground control software

We’re using our Ananfi drones for autonomously controlled flights, and I’m currently using the Olympe API for that. However, I’d like to be able to let a human operator monitor them manually at the same time using some ground control software, such as the FreeFlight 6 app. I’ve tried various combinations of Olympe and FreeFlight 6 together but whenever I connect with one and then connect with the second that always either fails or makes the first one disconnect.

How can I connect with both the API and ground control software simultaneously? I’d be willing to do something different if it helps. For example, it would be fine to use a different ground control program (e.g. Mission Planner or QGroundControl - it could be running on the same laptop as my program using the API), so long as it has the ability to show where the drone is on a map and control the drone (e.g. stop it!). Or I could switch to the C++ API if that helps? [Edit: Or we could obtain a SkyController if that would help with this.]

Other drones that we’ve trialed have this functionality. They typically also overlay the most recent programmatic command (i.e. the waypoint they’ve been told to fly to) on the GUI so the operator can sanity check the software.

Thanks in advance.

This is expected and actually something we want.

Thanks for the update Jerome. That’s a bit odd, as I said above it contrasts with software from other platform providers, which usually allows monitoring autonomous commands on their ground control software running concurrently. Is your API perhaps more targetted at custom human-operated software than autonomous applications? It would have saved time if this had been made clear up front on your website.

Having said that, if you have any ideas that are more creative to work around this issue I’d be very open to them.