Connect to real drone with adb


I’m trying to connect to real drone with adb but here is the message I got :

adb connect anafi-ai.local:9050
unable to connect to anafi-ai.local:9050: Connection refused

Is there anything to do to being able to connect ?



adb is not available for real drones but only for simulated drones.


Hi @ndessart,

Thank you for your answer.

In Sphinx doc, I saw Like with a real drone, the simulated drone can be accessed via the tool “ADB”. in : How to debug firmwares - 2.8.2.

May be you should change the doc ?


Hi @ClementLeBihan ,

The adb access to a real drone is restricted to Parrot engineers so, the Sphinx documentation is misleading here. I’ll report this issue.


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It’s great to open airsdk, openflight etc.
But if we can’t get log from real drone and can’t adb on real drone, it’s as if things are done by halves …

Yes… I should have mentioned that we are currently planning to open a non-root adb access with a new “developer setting” available through FreeFlight. This is actually on the top of our internal roadmap for AirSDK.

Alright, sounds great !

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