Connecting physically to Parrot Bebop 2 via WIFI fails

It seems that when I in Windows connect to the Bebop 2 WIFI network, and after that connects to the drone in Linux Olympe environment, by the guide (User guide - 7.7) I get strange error. When I connect in Windows to the Bebop 2 network, then, of course, my internet dies, which is understandable. Perhaps that has anything to do with anything? Below is an output from Oracle’s VirtualBox (Debian 10).

In Debian 9 installed as WSL in Windows, I get a strange behaviour. I get a message, which I can’t reproduce for the moment, that constantly repeats in Olympe’s environment (shell) and never ends, and it says something about position and then comes something like tilt=[number] wrapped in parentheses. It’s like it repeats the drone’s tilt or position of something all the time. It never ends so I can’t code anything in ipython, and this albeit I get a connection to the drone via the ip address provided in the guide from above.

Here’s the ouptput from Virtualbox:

20/09/2019 15:42:07.322695 _start_net_discovery Net discovery object has been created
I arsdkctrl: discovery ‘net’: start
20/09/2019 15:42:07.325014 _backend_socket_cb backend_pointer <olympe_deps.LP_struct_arsdkctrl_backend_net object at 0x7f5312e3b158> socket_fd 23 socket_kind 0 userdate_pointer None
20/09/2019 15:42:07.327479 _start_net_discovery Net discovery has been started
I arsdkctrl: discovery ‘net’: add device name=‘Bebop2-112520’ id=‘P742PB2K190000E041D0’
20/09/2019 15:42:07.360208 _device_added_cb New device has been detected
20/09/2019 15:42:07.367589 _device_added_cb {‘state’: 0}
20/09/2019 15:42:07.382702 _backend_socket_cb backend_pointer <olympe_deps.LP_struct_arsdkctrl_backend_net object at 0x7f53129c47b8> socket_fd 28 socket_kind 2 userdate_pointer None
20/09/2019 15:42:07.385878 _backend_socket_cb backend_pointer <olympe_deps.LP_struct_arsdkctrl_backend_net object at 0x7f53129c47b8> socket_fd 29 socket_kind 1 userdate_pointer None
20/09/2019 15:42:07.398142 _connecting_cb Connecting to device: Bebop2-112520
20/09/2019 15:42:07.400946 _connect_to_device Connection in progress…
I arsdkctrl_net: Sending json:
I arsdkctrl_net: { “arstream2_client_stream_port”: “55004”, “arstream2_client_control_port”: “55005”, “arstream2_supported_metadata_version”: “1”, “controller_name”: “arsdk-ng”, “controller_type”: “desktop”, “d2c_port”: 9988, “device_id”: “”, “qos_mode”: 0 }
I arsdkctrl_net: Received json:
I arsdkctrl_net: { “status”: 0, “c2d_port”: 54321, “c2d_update_port”: 51, “c2d_user_port”: 21, “qos_mode”: 0, “arstream2_server_stream_port”: 5004, “arstream2_server_control_port”: 5005 }
20/09/2019 15:42:07.434522 _connected_cb Connected to device: Bebop2-112520
20/09/2019 15:42:07.437004 _connected_cb {‘json’: {‘arstream2_server_control_port’: 5005,
‘arstream2_server_stream_port’: 5004,
‘c2d_port’: 54321,
‘c2d_update_port’: 51,
‘c2d_user_port’: 21,
‘qos_mode’: 0,
‘status’: 0},
‘state’: 0}
20/09/2019 15:42:07.457474 _create_command_interface Command interface has been created: itf=<olympe_deps.LP_struct_arsdk_cmd_itf object at 0x7f53129c46a8>
W arsdk: net ping failures: 1
W arsdk: net ping failures: 2
W arsdk: net ping failures: 3
E arsdk: net Too many ping failures
20/09/2019 15:42:15.435294 _link_status_cb Link status: 0
I arsdkctrl: discovery ‘net’: remove device name=‘Bebop2-112520’ id=‘P742PB2K190000E041D0’
I arsdkctrl: internally disconnect device name=‘Bebop2-112520’ type=BEBOP_2 id=‘P742PB2K190000E041D0’
20/09/2019 15:42:15.437660 _disconnected_cb Disconnected from device: Bebop2-112520
20/09/2019 15:42:15.439563 _device_removed_cb Device has been removed
I arsdkctrl: discovery ‘net’: stop
20/09/2019 15:42:15.442374 _stop_discovery Discovery has been stopped
20/09/2019 15:42:15.447571 _stop_discovery Discovery object has been destroyed
20/09/2019 15:42:15.468816 _stop_discovery No discovery instance to be stopped
20/09/2019 15:42:15.494162 _stop_discovery No discovery instance to be stopped
20/09/2019 15:42:15.547458 _send_command Common.Common.AllStates: Warning some callbacks weren’t called: common.CommonState.AllStatesChanged()

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/kryman/code/parrot-groundsdk/packages/olympe/src/olympe/_private/”, line 211, in _run_task_list
ret = f(*args, **kwargs)
File “/home/kryman/code/parrot-groundsdk/packages/olympe/src/olympe/arsdkng/”, line 871, in _send_command_impl
raise RuntimeError("[sendcmd] Error cmd interface seems to be destroyed")
RuntimeError: [sendcmd] Error cmd interface seems to be destroyed
20/09/2019 15:42:25.594807 _send_command Common.Settings.AllSettings: Warning some callbacks weren’t called: common.SettingsState.AllSettingsChanged()

Out[3]: ReturnTuple(OK=False, message=“Cannot get states info b’’”, value=None, error_code=107)

Did you try to change the network settings :

I did change, but without success. I changed to Bridged Adapter and chose my wifi network adapter. I still got the same deplorable results. I frankly don’t know more what I can do.

OK, so I think it comes from the “virtual machine” configuration.
All our tools are tested under native configuration, and we can not certify it works 100% with a VM…

try to check where you ip is in the same local network as physically drone.