Connecting to a physical Parrot Anafi Thermal


I’m planning on trying to implement a flight plan onto my physical (not simulated) anafi thermal drone using olympe. My work station is not particularly ideal and my desktop computer I will be using, which has Ubuntu 18.04 OS, does not have a wifi adapter. Does anyone know if it is possible to connect to a physical anafi without the use of a wifi interface. I know it is possible to connect a simulated drone through a virtual Ethernet or a Bluetooth connection so I was wondering if there were other options for a physical drone as well. Thanks for the help!

You can use the controller plugged in USB. This will act as a wifi adapter

Hi Jerome,

Thank you for your response and assistance on the matter. I am unfortunately still a little confused. I saw on the Sphinx documentation that the drone can be used as an adapter so I was wondering if the step by step process is similar when using the controller as an adapter instead.

I don’t believe I can mount the controller since there is no SD card on the controller? Also should I be connecting the USB C port of the controller to the USB port of the computer? Or does it require using a USB to USB chord to connect to the USB port on the controller instead.

I am very new to all this as this is my first project working on a drone. Im sure a lot of these questions seem silly but any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sphinx is a simulation environment. You will not use it (if I understand correctly your use case):
You want to send some mission coordinate to a real drone from a computer using Olympe (python) , am I right ?

In that case , you can plug the controler to the computer, it will act as a wifi dongle and you will be able to talk to the drone.

Let me know if I am in the right direction. :wink:

Yes you understand what I need so were on the right page. I am not using the Sphinx simulation program and will be using Olympe to communicate with the physical Anafi Thermal.

I am more confused with the actual process for setting up the controller as a wifi dongle. Do I connect the USB C port of the controller to the computer’s USB port? after that I am able to see that the computer has read the USB connection within the Linux terminal using the ‘lsusb’ command since there is now a connection entitled Parrot.

Where do I go from here in order to set up the controller as a wifi adapter?

Thank you for all the help so far. Much appreciated.


You have nothing to do : the controller is a wifi dongle by nature.

When plugged under Linux, you will see the controller as a RNDIS device = a network interface.

From there , you can talk to the drone via the up address

Ok great thank you so much! I will let you know if I run into any other issues.

Hi so I am not sure where I can see “RNDIS device = a network interface”

Could you please explain? Thank you

Ok, so I am able to read the controller as a USB Ethernet Connection with an IP address of

Is the drone’s IP address as you said previously? If so, how would I be able to figure this out for future reference?

When I try to run the example code from the olympe documentation I get the following error:

[ERROR] olympe.drone - connect - connection time out for device: b’’

Do you have any guess as to why? Im still certain Im missing something with the network connection. Please let me know.

OK, let me check internally with R&D what is the exact procedure for a real Anafi Thermal


Can you please share Olympe logs preceding this error ?
What is the SkyController 3 firmware version ? (You must connect your phone to the SkyController 3 with an USB cable and use FreeFlight 6 for that).

So Im not sure why but the drone has decided to connect to the controller using Olympe commands now. I tried all day yesterday and it wasn’t working. Maybe I just didn’t give it enough time for the controller and drone to sync up after turning the drone on. Well, at least everything seems to be working now. I appreciate all the help and hopefully, I can keep processing further in my project. Thank you!!!


You need to wait the blue light of the controller to be solid = the drone and the controller are connected.
Good to hear everything is working!

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