Connecting to mambo


I’m trying to use the mambo model in Sphinx.
I am currently trying to connect to the simulation mambo through the virtual Ethernet (

However, the python script (I am using the from the user guide for now) isn’t able to connect to the device.
I can connect to ANAFI but not mambo. Is there something I should execute extra?

I’m executing the following command to bring up sphinx
sphinx /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/mambo.drone::stolen_interface=

Thank you in advance.


The minidrones (that include the Mambo and all bluetooth drones by Parrot) are not supported by Olympe. I am sorry



Thank you for your answer.
So does that include Bebop and Bebop2?


You should consider Anafi whenever possible. Olympe has been released for the Anafi and just happen to have some degree of compatibility with older drones.

Bebop 2 and Disco are supported on a best effort basis.
Bebop 1 should work too but I haven’t tested it for a while.