Connection to simulated drone from remote machine in the same network

How can I use remote_ctrl_ip for connecting from a remote machine in the same network to a simulated drone using Parrot Sphinx 2.11.

  1. The Parrot Sphinx is running on a machine connected to a private network and the IP is
  2. The remote machine is in the same network, running Olympe SDK. The IP is

As far as I understand, the remote_ctrl_ip should be set to the remote machine IP, however, it doesn’t work when I try to connect from the remote machine using the IP address, should I use a specific port? If so which one?

Thanks in advance.


When remote_ctrl_ip is set, firmwared forwards packets for specific port numbers used by the controller. You can see exactly what it does in /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/libexec/firmwared/net.hook
So there is no need to use a specific port.

Can you send us extra ulog logs from firmwared? The procedure to display ulog logs is described here: Troubleshooting - 2.12.2

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