Control Anafi:Olympe with Keyboard / Android App

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Thanks for easing the control of the Anafi drone with Olympe! I am willing to manually control Anafi in Sphinx by using either the keyboard (the classic WASD or Arrow keys + the Z axis) or my Android phone.
As of the user guide, here is pointed out how to connect it to a SkyController, but there’s no clue about these two other ways.

Could someone throw some light on it? Maybe a Python keyboard app that triggers moveBy commands? Which package could be used? Do you know any examples?

Thanks in advance!



I have done a quick prototype of the keyboard controller here. Feel free to try it! Currently is a pretty rough tool and it doesn’t work for a real-time driving, so any help is warmly welcomed :smiley:

(also if you already know any alternatives as well :man_factory_worker:)

EDIT: Now both controllers work but they’re hell slow :sob:

EDIT 2: Remember that you can use the phone app to control the drone wirelessly :laughing: (i did not)

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FreeFlight 6 can be used with a real drone, with Sphinx (if the simulated drone wifi interface is enabled) or with Sphinx through a SkyController.
Does this answer your question about controlling the drone with an Android app?

As for controlling a drone using a keyboard with Olympe, you should use the PCMD message instead of the moveBy message.

This is because each time you are pressing a control key, you are blocking the event loop with a moveBy command. You should at least remove the “.wait().success()” call for every command you are sending to the drone from your event loop but as I said, you should probably have a look at the PCMD command instead.

You should have a look at this example that use pynput instead of tkinter. I hope you’ll be able to adapt it to your needs.