Controlling Anafi Thermal using Olympe


I left my last forum post with a response to Jerome Bouvard saying “Ok thank you. Is there any other way to deliver a flight plan to the drone using Olympe then? Please let me know.”

The topic closed so I am starting a new one.

Link to the old topic: Controlling Anafi Thermal's speed without the use of optical flow - #10 by plepo

To deliver a flight plan, you only need a wifi connection to the drone and use the web server.
No need for Olympe here.
The web server issue is fixed in the next version of the firmware, I suggest you test it in advance instead of starting a huge development with Olympe …

Hi @plepo,

I posted an example to upload a mavlink and start a flightplan with Olympe here: Olympe Mavlink working example

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