Creating custom log files on the ANAFI AI

How can I create a custom text file on the drone during flight, and download it to my local machine after? I understand that flight logs are created, but I’m needing to do something like create a text file with some text inside that is created during a mission, that I can retrieve later.

If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it, new to Parrot.


You can access different persistent storage with a mission : Storage and persistence - 7.7

While the Mission Data is located on the drone internal storage, it is exposed (alongside the SD-Card) when connected to a computer via USB.


Thank you for the response.

I have been unable to write to the path, and tried adding some code to write to it to the sample hello mission under say → enter, and tried creating a new mission as well. How would you recommend testing this? I just need to write the file.

Thank you

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