Curved Flight Path (Parabolic/Circular) for Anafi Drone

Hey does anybody know how to make the Anafi follow a curved flight path, preferably through a flight plan? (Anafi Android Ground SDK Mobile Question)

I’m trying to make the Anafi follow an elliptical orbit at a constant elevation and at a constant speed.

It appears the Anafi only follows straight line trajectories in flight plan.
I have a flight plan from a Mavlink file, but at each waypoint, the Anafi slows down and stops before turning. You can see how this would be annoying when following an entirely curved path since a lot of small linear paths are needed to make it seem curved.

Seeing how there appears to be parabolic and elliptical flight in FreeFlight 6 app, does anybody know to make Anafi follow a curved path from a Flight Plan or Guided Flight in Android Ground SDK? (autonomously)

Colin Elliott

P.S I’m a bit pressed for time on this project so prompt responses would be much appreciated! Anything helps!

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