Custom battery charger

Hi guys,
I am developing a custom charge solution for the Anafi ai. I noticed that when a USB-C cable is plugged in the smart battery goes into Power delivery mode (PD) (which is quite standard) this makes the LEDs turn ON even when the drone is OFF and NOT CHARGING. However for my use case I do not require PD. I would like to have a USB-C connector plugged in without the smart battery going into PD mode. Is there a way to set this mode change from say firmware or any hardware change that I can make on my end ?


Hi @Fidel,

Disabling power delivery in not possible. No firmware changes on the battery can be done by users, and any hardware modification would be strongly unadvised.


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Thanks @Axelm.
The challenge has been solved. A non active USB-C was used for power delivery. Avoiding the need for switching between modes in our case.

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