Custom firmware ANAFI 4K

we need clarity on this issue.
It is obvious that if we go to replace certain components such as the gimbal arm and its motors, the part of the logic that controls them does not recognise them for some strange arcane reason. I think it’s going to read some sort of serial number to understand and distinguish the logic of the y-axis motor from the x-axis motor, and that seems correct to me. It doesn’t seem correct to me, considering that it’s a drone without sensors so prone to crashing easily that one of the most exposed parts (gimbal) can’t be repaired by us independently because of these limitations. Personally I think that being a camera drone (not performing except for its photographic part) Parrot has decided to abandon it leaving us buyers stranded. I would like to inform you that there is a special firmware (not public and not in my possession) which makes it possible to bypass these limitations and make happy someone like me who, in addition to his drone, has bought 2 others for spare parts as he can no longer make use of the official repair service. I hope that someone from Parrot will be here to read these lines and value the trust placed in the brand and above all the money spent unnecessarily. This is not an outburst from a consideration as DJI has never let me down in so many years and frankly I feel cheated and it is only fair that future buyers know that there is no future in their next Parrot branded purchase either.
If any of you have anything to add it is most welcome. I will continue my battle hoping not to waste time and soap cleaning the donkey’s head to make him see reason.

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