('cv@tracking@proposals') err=11(Resource temporarily unavailable)

I’m trying to get a value from a section of cv@tracking@proposals.

However, the following error occurs:

(I don’t know if this is the direct cause of not being able to obtain it, but the following error is also one of the causes.)

Here’s a hypothesis as to why this error occurs:
There’s a section activation and I just haven’t been able to complete it.

Is this hypothesis correct? If so, please tell me how to implement it.

Hi @atsumu-arch,

Are you running your mission on the simulator ?
The tracking sections are not available with the simulator (cv@tracking@proposals and cv@tracking@box).

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Thank you so much for the great tips!

We will immediately create a system for testing on actual equipment and proceed with development!

What is the difference between the sections that are and are not available in the simulator?
Are there any other sections that cannot be used in the simulator?

Hi @atsumu-arch,

The cv@tracking@proposals and cv@tracking@box telemetry sections are the only telemetry sections that are not available on the simulator. This is due to the hardware: the visual tracking service uses the drone’s neural network (only available on a physical drone). All the other telemetry sections are available on the drone and on the simulator.

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