Developer Flight Controller Design in Matlab/Simulink

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Normally, the parrot mambo has matlab simulink support. Parrot Drone Support from MATLAB - Hardware Support - MATLAB & Simulink

In this way, I’m thinking of uploading the model I created from the simulink to the drone and designing a flight controller and comparing it. But the parrot mambo is not powerful enough hardware. That’s why I want to have powerful hardware by acquiring other parrots. I have some questions.

1- Is that parrot drones matlab support package? If the drone supports matlab, which models would you recommend? For example Parrot Anafi?

2-How to code those parrot anafi or anafi ai? Is it possible to access the drone’s processor? What processor are you using in parrots? According to which communication protocol can a direct command be sent from matlab? Can I send commands to parrot directly from Matlab/Simulink? If I can’t send commands from matlab, which program can I generate and implement?

3-if command cannot be sent directly from matlab,
If I convert the model I made in matlab and simulink to c code with simulink coder,(Generate C Code for a Model - MATLAB & Simulink ) Can I access the parrot drone’s processor by creating a header on the parrot drone’s processor via c or python and running it?

I hope I was able to share the work I aimed to do here.

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