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I can see in Populate the scene with actors - 2.14.1 how to customize AMS configuration. I saw we can define multiple tags, like in the example with MyAwesomeTag and MyEvenMoreAwesomeTag.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to activate both tags ? When I run these lines, the first tag disapear when the second appear …

sphinx-cli param -m world actors tags_name MyAwesomeTag
sphinx-cli param -m world actors tags_name MyEvenMoreAwesomeTag

Any idea ?



It is not possible to have multiple tags at the same time.
The example in the documentation, shows that it is possible to load multiple external tags, but only one tag can be placed at a time.

I can suggest something that could help you.
You can create a single PNG with your multiple tags combined, with a transparent alpha channel and then load that PNG as one tag.
Then you can use a vehicle with a large flat surface like the Boxtruck for example and spawn the tag on top of it.
This is an example of tag I have created for this purpose.

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Hi @ayedes,

Thank you for this tricky solution !


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