Does Geofence work in Sphinx\Parrot


I’m trying to test Geofence in sim environment and have questions.

  1. I set up Geofence with Ardrone3::PilotingSettings::MaxAltitude (25 meters), Ardrone3::PilotingSettings::MaxDistance (110 meters) and Ardrone3::PilotingSettings::NoFlyOverMaxDistance messages.
  2. I received confirmations with MaxAltitudeChanged, MaxDistanceChanged and NoFlyOverMaxDistanceChanged messages as well.
  3. I prepared FlightPlan which has WPs further than MaxDistance and higher than MaxAltitude. I uploaded this FP to drone and Start FP.

I expected that Flight Plan didn’t start with (ComponentStateListChanged → WaypointsBeyondGeofence status) or Flight Plan starts but drone would return to home (or hold) during Flight Plan because of Geofence breach. But nothing happened and drone successfully completed FP.

Can you please say what i did wrong? Should MaxAltitude and MaxDistance limit flight according FlightPlan? (i think they do for real drone). Should FlightPlan start if WPs are beyond MaxDistance? Should FlightPlan start if WPs are higher than MaxAltitude?

FlightPlan does not take geofence into account at the moment.
Geofence is only for manual flight.