Downloading only the thermal images from the freeflight6 app

I am working on processing the images taken by a Parrot Anafi USA drone, specifically the thermal portion of the images. The images are taken directly from the FreeFlight6 App on an Iphone. Is there a way of downloading the thermal image separately from the RGB images? In other words, instead of having the thermal camera superimposed on the 4K visible camera is there a way that we could only activate the thermal camera from the drone?
The visible camera introduces multiple fine details from the landscape on the thermal images and that is affecting an accurate detection of the hot areas in the images.
Thanks for the help!

Hi @Rgarcia18,

Sorry for the delay. You can disable the visible view and get only the thermal view.

Take a look at the Anafi USA User guide (section “Thermal Imaging” and “Thermal settings” p.47)


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