Drone Connection with Olympe and Ground SDK

How can I connect same drone with Ground SDK and Olympe both at the same time. Currently I am using Simulated Drone using Sphinx.

Does anyone have any Idea about this?

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You can not do this, the drone accepts only one SDK connection at any given time.


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Hello @Nicolas,

I am creating android application using Ground SDK for Anafi Ai. In that when user press start button from the application drone will fly automatically according to Fight Plan which will be created using Olympe SDK.

As you said we can not connect two SDKs at same time but I want to show the camera streaming in application and meanwhile control the drone using Olympe.

So Is there any alternative for this kind of situation?


You have two alternatives as far as I’m aware:

  1. GroundSDK and Olympe essentially have exactly the same functionality. The only difference is the API language (one in Python and one in Java) and the fact that Olympe will automatically pause if it detects an active GroundSDK instance connected to the drone. This is so that you can take control of the drone in case of unwanted behavior I would guess. Thus you can write out your flight plan in GroundSDK and send that to the drone instead of controlling it with Olympe.

  2. While you cannot connect two SDKs to the drone, you can actually control the drone with one SDK while subscribing to the stream over RTSP. If you are unaware, the drone generates an RTSP stream link (rtsp:// for the Anafi, not sure what it is for the Ai) which you can view after you connect to the drone’s WiFi. Thus, if you have an Olympe flight script active that does not subscribe to the stream, you should be able to view it on your Android app via RTSP (assuming the app is also connected to the drone). I would recommend using either VLC or FFmpegFrameGrabber if you want more control over the stream.

Hope this helps!

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