Drone not moving on one click with GuidedPilotingItf -> LocationDirective

I need to move drone on specific latitude & longitude. I found ground sdk method GuidedPilotingItf → LocationDirective is able to move drone on given latitude & longitude. But one problem with this method with ground sdk android is drone not moving on single click we need to press multiple times to move drone single time.

Here is my kotlin code:

drone?.getPilotingItf(GuidedPilotingItf::class.java).run {
    this?.let {
        var moveDirection = GuidedPilotingItf.LocationDirective(

Language : Kotlin
SDK : Ground SDK Android
Testing Drone : Anafi AI
Testing simulator : Parrot Sphinx

code is simple but command not executing from ground sdk on single click. is it ground sdk issue?

Solution :slight_smile:

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