Drone response time delayed when altitude is lower than 1meter

We are using Parrot PF728000 Anafi Drone. Whenever the drone is at an altitude lower than 1meter it seems that the response time from the olympe program are delayed. No problems when altitude is above 1meter.

Is this a known limitation? How can we overcome this?


Is this a known limitation?

What do you mean by “drone response time”, do you send piloting commands at an altitude below 1 meter and the drone takes more time than at a higher altitude to react to those commands?

How can we overcome this?

There is nothing special performed by Olympe when the drone is at a low altitude. Any behavior you might observe is coming from the drone firmware (most probably for a good reason). I’ll get back to you if I manage to get a definitive explanation for this drone behavior.

Yes, whenever the drone is less than 1 meter (in our case 50cm and 25cm), then the piloting commands are executed at a delay. At higher altitude (>=1 meter), every command is executed with no delay.

Hello @iamjrmy,

I just got more information on this behaviour.

Below 50cm, the drone should get ready for a safe landing. As a side-effect, when the drone height estimation is equal or below 50cm, the drone delays the throttle down commands. It should not delay the throttle up or horizontal commands.

I am not sure what would happen to horizontal commands if they’re mixed with a down command but I imagine that they would be delayed too. Does this correspond to the observed behaviour of your drone?

Thanks, fly safe!


I just confirmed that there is also delay for horizontal commands at 50cm. I used moveBy with no dZ value and the drones responds at a delay at 50cm compared to 100cm altitude.