Dual Livestream with Anafi USA

Is it possible to get two or more live-streams direct from the Anafi? Can two Tablet be connected with the drone? Master-slave?

@Parrot, do you have more details about the livestream? IP stream? How is the connection schema looks? RX TX Diagram?


I’m assuming nothing major has changed. We don’t see it yet in groundsdk if so.

It’s RTSP. I’m guessing you’d need a purpose built relay for it. It would be an interesting side project.

Do you have time for that? We are interested on such a solution and would pay for that.


Here are some key points about the streaming capabilities of the Anafi drones:

  • The technical details about the streaming are identical for Anafi / Anafi Thermal & Anafi USA (except for the thermal part, which is obviously absent from Anafi)
  • As Synman pointed out, the streaming is using RTSP for session establishment, with RTP/AVP/UDP for the stream transport. The stream itself is h264 compliant, but uses advanced encoding techniques that might not be well handled by some applications. (We provide our own receiver stack, called PDrAW for this reason).
  • The Anafi (all models) only support a single RTSP session at a given time, either a live streaming from the main camera, or a replay from an internal mp4 file.
  • The SkyController 3 actually provides some multiple streaming capabilities (you can find some details in this message). But as specified in the linked message, it requires a specific setup which might not suit your needs.

I think this this covers the current state of things for the streaming part. Note that this only concerns the streaming part (and some telemetry data included in the stream). The commands part (uplink data) is limited to one link, so any “secondary” screen will not be able to pilot the drone.



Apologies, but I can’t even find the time right now to complete my own projects.

Would this be a solution?


I’ve coded sniffers that grab RTP packets for audio(man in the middle) type thing.

wouldn’t it be possible to maintain wifi connection with ANAFI and “sniff” the video feed?

by doing so… you connection to ANAFI via WiFi… but you are not registering for a feed.

if someone knows the specific video port or Port range… a packet sniffer should be able to grab the feed.

if feed is encrypted… one would need the packet definitions of the headed, payload size, etc.

just a thought if nobody has tried it.

wireshark would be a good tool to try.

If you have a Mac, you can do the thing you wanted. It is already there for years.