Multiple Streams

My current project involves multiple android tablets connected to drone and getting stream simultaneously. Client likes realtime stream but small delay is acceptable. I have been working on getting stream on multiple devices and not being successful. @parrot, Is there a way, this can be done?
I have already seen Dual Livestream with Anafi USA
Monitor drone while flying using SkyController


Tried. Unable to connect to the RTSP stream on the Anafi to stream it. Is there any other way?


As stated in this message, on a discussion you linked, Anafi (all versions) only supports one video client at a time. This choice was made because the stream is unicast, and allowing multiple streams would require to lower the bandwidth (and the quality) drastically.
To get multiple video streams, you can either use the multi-stream capabilities of the SkyController (as explained in the other discussion you linked), or manually re-stream from the primary device (which is out of scope of our SDK). Note that in this case, we consider the WiFi link between Anafi and its SkyController to be the network bottleneck (i.e. the stream bandwidth is only based on this link quality)


It can be done if you have a Mac. Read the user manual in there for the type of applicatons.
Free, of course. But with conditions.