Empty frame of frames streaming example code

video streaming code was working perfectly (code example link) after suddenly it started getting only empty frames

   def yuv_frame_processing(self):
        self.name = ""
        while self.running:
                yuv_frame = self.frame_queue.get(timeout=0.1)
                print("good frame")
            except queue.Empty:


version of olympe:

Any ideas whats happened, where is problem?

also tried with parrot-olympe==7.6.1 same issue

2023-06-23 13:45:21,933 [WARNING] 	olympe.pdraw.ANAFI Ai 000000 - _select_media - media_name DefaultVideo is unavailable. Selecting the default media instead: Front stereo left camera
2023-06-23 13:45:21,934 [ERROR] 	ulog - pdraw_dmxstrm - StreamDemuxerNet#1: application requested default media, but no default media found

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