Enhance Flight Quality for Autonomous Flights

Hi folks,

We’re currently trying to fly an Anafi on top of a building. At first we fly via RC, but later would like to use Olympe as well.

Unfortunately, when connecting with the FreeFlight app it prints the message “flight quality is not optimal - autonomous flights are unavailable”. This means that we cannot proceed from RC to Olympe. I didn’t find posts concerning this error in this forum, so I wondered if other people faced similar problems?

Here are 2 images of the environment. As you can see the roof is pretty big, so no tall buildings / trees should obstruct the connection to the satellites (indeed, via Olympe logs I see that NumberOfSatelliteChanged is always >12, most often >18). Maybe you guys know how we can fix the problem to finally fly via Olympe?

We are looking forward to your suggestions!

Hi Dominik,

The big roof you are trying to take off from seems to be metallic. A big metallic object in the close proximity of the drone can often cause perturbations to the magnetometer, which is necessary for GPS flight.

You should try to set the drone farther away from the metallic structure, to reduce the magnetic perturbations, and let me know if that worked.


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