Errors msg_id/transition when i install custom mission in physical drone

I want to install a custom mission in a physical drone and launch it from openflight.
I already modified openflight to show my mission in the mission tab but the button is grayed out, nothing happens when i click on my mission.
In the tab report in the anafi ai webserver there are always errors about msg_id from my mission
I don’t understand because the mission work well in sphinx, and the error is not always about the same msg_id :frowning:

Did i miss something ?


Can you please share you guidance *.proto file ?
Please make sure that the Event message has a “stereo_cam_reached” sub message.
You should probrably try to perform a clean build if (rm -rf ./out and rebuild your mission), just to be sure it’s not a build system glitch.


I think the proto file is good, it works well with sphinx
I have already tried deleted /out and rebuild, it doesn’t work…
I will try again

@ndessart After deleted /out and rebuild i still have the error

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